Operating Systems [OS]

L.079.05520, Winter 2018/2019


In this class, we discuss general aspects of operating systems as well as specific characteristics of real-time operating systems and operating systems for embedded systems.

Topics of interest include:

    • Parallelism
    • Scheduling
    • Real-Time OS
    • Memory Management
    • File Systems
    • Security
    • Embedded OS

Learning Outcome

The learning objective is to understand the fundamental concepts of operating systems. Students understand these concepts and are able to apply this knowledge.

General Information / Methods

This bachelor course will be held in English and all the course material is available in English.

  • 6 ECTS (Lecture: 3 SWS, Exercises: 2 SWS)



  • Lecture
    Thursday, 16-19h (c.t.), F1.110

    no lecture on Nov 1, Dec 6 and 13, Jan 10 and 24
    additional lecture will be announced
  • Exercises
    Wednesday, 9-11h (c.t.), F1.520 (PC pool 1. floor)
    Wednesday, 11-13h (c.t.), F1.520 (PC pool 1. floor)
    first exercise on Oct 24, 2018


Written exams will be organized in the semester break following the lecture. Registration for the exam via Paul.

The following resources are permitted during the exam: old-fashioned calculator (no wireless communications), a single A4 cheat sheet. You must not bring any other material.

We also provide an exam according to the old curriculum (4 ECTS class). All topics up to (and including) file systems will be relevant.




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