Open Positions

In our group, the following positions are vacant:

  • PostDoc - if you feel your expertise would perfectly complement our research activities, you already have a PhD in CS or EE, and you are willing to spend time and effort in writing a proposal to secure funding for your own position, please contact us.
    For your application, please specifically highlight your research interests and how these fit into our general research scope. Only postal applications will be answered. Emails will not be answered.
  • PhD - we have the following PhD positions available. If you feel your previous expertise makes you a great candidate, please send us your CV and a letter of motivation. The scope of the PhD positions is on:
    • Wireless networking (wireless networking and protocol design, signal processing for sub-6GHz, mmWave, and VLC systems): PDF
    • Connecting nano communication networks with body area networks using a simulation-based approach: PDF
  • Internship - we have no vacancies. Applications will not be answered until we announce new opportunities on this page.