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Short Bio

Agon Memedi is a Researcher/PhD student in the Distributed Embedded Systems Group (CCS Labs). He received his MSc in computer science from Paderborn University in 2015, and his BSc in computer engineering from South East European University (SEEU), Tetovo, Macedonia in 2011.
His research focuses on topics related to heterogeneous vehicular networks, more specifically the use of visible light communication (VLC) for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication.

Agon regularly serves as a reviewer for manuscripts in the field of vehicular networking and has volunteered in the organization of ACM MobiHoc 2016 and IEEE VNC 2014. He was a session chair in IEEE VNC 2018 and received the Best Paper Runner Up award.

Agon is the author of Veins VLC, the VLC extension for the vehicular network simulation framework Veins.