Current Projects

Previous Projects

  • CarParkComm
    exploring communication limits in a multi-store car park solution through a signal propagation focused measurement study

    Funding: Lödige Systems GmbH
    Project time: 01/2018-12/2018
  • AgriculturalV2V
    cooperative driving for agricultural vehicles through wireless communication

    Funding: Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF)
    Project time: 01/2018-05/2018
  • Heterogeneous Vehicular Networking
    research how to unify, and make efficient use of, short range wireless radio communication and cellular communication for vehicular networking

    Funding: collaboration with University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    Project time: 06/2012-12/2017
  • LTE 4 V2X
    V2X Standardization for 4G Networks and its Application in Industry Automations

    Funding: Siemens AG, Germany
    Project time: 07/2017 - 09/2017
  • WiME - Wireless Measurement and Experimentation
    SDR-based wireless measurement and experimentation framework for wireless networks including IEEE 802.11[a/g/p] and IEEE 802.15.4

    Funding: internal CCS project
    Project time: 10/2011-03/2017
  • C3 - Cloud Connected Cars
    using cars to establish decentralized connected information clouds based on heterogeneous vehicular networks

    Funding: DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbH
    Project time: 04/2016-03/2017
  • Car4ICT - Cars enable future information and communication technologies
    research investigating vehicles as a main ICT resource

    Funding: Toyota InfoTechnology Center, Japan and USA
    Project time: 04/2014-03/2017
  • Performance Limits of IEEE 802.11p in Highly Dynamic Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
    PHY receive algorithms for IEEE 801.11p

    Funding: DAAD
    Project time: 09/2015-03/2016
  • Next Generation Real-Time Ethernet Networks for Industrial Applications
    future reliable industrial networks based on the next generation of Ethernet, results from the IEEE 802.1 Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Interworking (IWK) working groups.

    Funding: SIEMENS AG
    Project time: 09/2014-08/2015
  • Smart Communications for Intelligent Transportation Systems
    smart communication primitives for ITS; channel modeling and protocol design for multi-service applications

    Funding: BIT PhD School
    Project time: 04/2012-03/2015
  • Cooperative Inter-Vehicle Communication
    cooperative communication primitives for ITS; protocol design for vehicle safety applications

    Funding: Endeavour Research Fellowship, Australia
    Project time: 05/2014-10/2014
  • ENergy-Aware CompuTing
    energy measurement and estimations for off-loading of computationally expensive tasks from mobile systems into the cloud

    Funding: EU/INTERREG
    Project time: 09/2012-06/2014
  • ML-IVC - Multi-Layer Inter-Vehicle Communication
    adaptive and self-organizing inter-vehicle communication based on short range radio broadcast; protocol design, simulation techniques, and experimental field tests

    Funding: internal CCS project
    Project time: 09/2011-03/2014
  • Privacy in Vehicular Networks
    understanding the potential very negative impact of vehicular networking technologies on users' privacy; quantification of this impact and mitigation of this impact

    Funding: collaboration with University of Erlangen
    Project time: 09/2009-03/2014
  • MultiPAN MultiPAN - Cooperative Access in Overlapping Wireless Networks
    cooperation and adaptive management of overlapping wireless networks, methods for interferer detection and adaptive reconfiguration

    Funding: Malaysian Government
    Project time: 10/2008-12/2013
  • Padiofire Padiofire - Parallelized Application Detection in Overlay Networks for Firewalls
    monitoring, analysis, and firewalling Web 2.0 overlay network protocols; the key objective is to go beyond application layer firewalls to identify overlay services as used in the Web 2.0 context

    Funding: BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung)
    Project time: 07/2011-06/2013
  • monkit 2 - Distributed Monitoring and Attack Detection in 10 GBit/s Networks
    adaptive network monitoring in high-speed networks, coordination between monitoring probes and detection processes, event correlation for automated response

    Funding: BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik)
    Project time: 12/2011-12/2012
  • RDSP RDSP - Resource constrained Distributed Stream Processing
    investigation of an integrated approach for supporting in-network sensor data processing in highly dynamic and heterogeneous sensor networks

    Funding: preparational project for a DFG research group
    Project time: 01/2008-06/2012
  • IDR-VCP Support for inter-domain routing and data replication in virtual coordinate based networks
    The collaborative study aims to provide novel insights into the applicability of virtual coordinate based network protocols in the case of mobile multi-domain environments

    Funding: BaCaTec, collaboration with UCLA
    Project time: 01/2010-12/2011
  • DSMS Study DSMS Study - Study on Real-time Stream Processing Engines
    concept study on the applicability of data stream management systems (DSMS) on real-time tracking in an airport scenario

    Funding: Siemens AG
    Project time: 07/2011-09/2011