LAN Radio

Connecting Simulation and Real World: IEEE 802.11p in the Loop


We present LAN Radio, an Open Source prototyping system to couple simulation and real world for the wireless channel of IEEE 802.11p based communication. Our main focus is the use in a vehicular networking environment, where field testing and real world experimentation is becoming more relevant these days. Large Field Operational Tests (FOTs) are expensive and difficult to handle in terms of reproducibility and controllability – particularly for application development and integration tests for automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

To support such experiments, we developed an approach to integrate a real system to test into a large scale simulation scenario without the need to change the physical and access layer parts of the communication stack of this system. We closely followed the Hardware In The Loop (HIL) simulation concept but also integrated a wireless communication channel into the picture. LAN Radio is building upon the well established and Open Source development platform OpenWRT to provide optimal extensibility.

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Source Code

The source code and basic installation instructions are available here.