Open Source Experimental and Prototyping Platform Supporting ETSI ITS-G5


Vehicular networking is at the corner from early research to final deployment. This phase requires more field testing and real-world experimentation. Most Field Operational Tests (FOTs) are based on proprietary commercial hardware that only allows for marginal modifications of the protocol stack. Furthermore, the roll-out of updated implementations for new or changing protocol standards often takes a prohibitively long time.

We developed one of the first complete Open Source experimental and prototyping platform for vehicular networking solutions. Our system supports most of the ETSI ITS-G5 features and runs on standard Linux. New protocol features and updates could now easily be done by and shared with the vehicular networking R&D community.

If you are using OpenC2X (or components from it) in your publications we would appreciate a citation:

Source Code

The source code and basic installation instructions are available here.

Newer versions of OpenC2X based on the OpenWrt platform are provided via GitHub: see and