An Open Source Approach to Field Testing of WLAN up to IEEE 802.11ad at 60 GHz Using Commodity Hardware


We present a methodology for flexible field testing supporting WLAN including the most recent IEEE 802.11ad standard operating in the 60 GHz frequency band. The system requires only minimal interaction from the user side to gather a wide range of key performance metrics such as received signal strength, communication delay, and goodput.

Our implementation is based on OpenWrt and can be deployed on a wide range of commodity hardware, down to the two-digit price range, allowing large scale field tests of novel applications. As a proof-of-concept, we used the TP-LINK Talon AD7200 Wireless Routers for indoor experiments at 60 GHz. We see our Open Source implementation as a reference for a huge variety of large scale experimentation.

If you are using FOT Box (or components from it) in your publications we would appreciate a citation:

Source Code

FOT-Box is based on the LEDE/OpenWrt platform. We provide the source code via GitHub: see