Oral Exams

Oral exams are scheduled on a per-request basis. To receive an appointment please follow the steps outlined on the "Registering for Examinations" page of the computer science department.

In particular, make sure to

  1. register for the exam in PAUL, then
  2. use the "e-mail to fill out" link to get a template (and fill out all fields listed under "1. Student’s request" therein), then
  3. send this message with your preferred time slot (see below), as well as the type of exam to exams@ccs-labs.org.

Important Notes:

  • If you aim switching to the new examination system and you want to do a module exam for one lecture (that you took in the old system) only, then you first have to switch into the new system (please see the examination office for details) and then schedule an exam appointment.
  • If you need to change the examination date, please note that we may only re-schedule your exam in the next semester (please see the web page of the examination committe for further rules).
  • If you cancel your registration in PAUL, do not forget to cancel your appointment with the examiner as well (via email to exams@ccs-labs.org).

The following examination time slots are currently available:

Please note that the chair for Distributed Embedded Systems is moving to TU Berlin. There will be only few slots available for oral exams in February (listed already) and March/April (options will be announced on short notice). Priority will be given to all students who attend courses in the current semester. If you cancel your slot, you will likely not be able to get another option before next year.

  • Feb 3, afternoon (many unused slots remained)
  • Feb 5, morning and afternoon (many unused slots remained)
  • Feb 6, morning (already occupied)
  • Feb 10, morning (already occupied) and afternoon (already occupied)
  • Feb 11, morning (already occupied) and afternoon (already occupied)
  • Feb 12, morning (already occupied) and afternoon (already occupied)
  • March 6, morning (already occupied) and afternoon (already occupied)
  • March 20, morning (already occupied and afternoon (already occupied)